CMS Noticias

We offer a full service content update for Internet news portals, allowing you to manage a uniform, accessible, and comfortable, a dynamic site, with regular updates, creating sections and menus as deemed necessary, quickly safe and agile.


CMS News

Full-service content updates for Internet news portals that lets you manage a uniform, accessible, comfortable, dynamic website, without having to know HTML or design.

  • Home and News sections
  • Holder, fountain, drop, videos, images, audio files.
  • Search news archive (by date, words).
  • User stats online.
  • Ranking of most read news.
  • Printing and delivery of specific notes.
  • Association news comments.
  • Mail readers.
  • Dynamic Online Surveys.
  • Statistics Service Google Analytics.
  • Subscription to news news users.
  • Additional services for the user (Time, Dollar, etc.).
  • Section link to related Web pages.
  • Social networks (facebook, youtube, twitter, etc).
  • RSS system for reading information.
Management Console
  • We design your website in a few days
  • Fully self-manageable
  • Your radio online 24 hours a day.
  • Allow your listeners a new way to contact your radio.
  • Interact with social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Online surveys
  • Receive messages from your website.
  • Get online user statistics
  • Adapting the specific graphic design business for the Web.
  • Inclusion in Yahoo, Google, Altavista, Hispavista and MSN search engines.
  • Support via email, phone, MSN.
  • Web Positioning
Optional Contract
  • Specific corporate graphic design for your company Web
  • Logo design for the company
  • Expansion newsletter
  • Incorporation of special sections
  • Expansion of space and email accounts
  • Expansion of space in SQL database

        Prices are stated in Argentine pesos and not include taxes